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Preparation before operation of electric circular saw

Time:2021-09-03 11:06:55

1.The saw blade, shell and handle should not be cracked or damaged.

2. The cable cord and plug are intact, the switch action is normal, and the protective zero connection is correct, firm and reliable.

3. Whether the saw blade is installed firmly, whether the bolts are tightened, and whether the saw blade is clamped tightly by the inner and outer chuck. Whether the plane of the saw blade is perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the electric circular saw.

4. Check whether the movable protective cover rotates flexibly, whether it is deformed, whether it will rub against the circular saw blade, whether the connection is reliable, and whether it will fall off during operation.

5. Check whether the side handle is installed firmly, and whether it will be loose during holding operation.

6. Check whether the workpiece to be cut is firmly fixed.