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How to use electric planer?

Time:2021-09-03 11:02:26

Pay attention to safety when using it (when there are nails and other metal objects on the wood, you need to remove it before you can use it). When planing, you should adopt different postures according to the length of the wood. When feeding, press the front end with one hand and hold the wood with the other hand. At the back end, the long material should be supported as far as possible to keep the wood stable, to ensure that the planed surface is completely consistent with the electric planer platform, and cannot be warped, otherwise the scraped surface will be uneven. After entering the planer, the hand moves forward steadily, and the front hand follows. The wood moves forward and backward, it is best to press it directly above the planer blade to prevent jitter. When the planing is at the end, the front hand moves forward with the wood and presses it down, not exceeding the platform, and the back hand is pressed forward at the end Pushing, if it is a long material, one hand cannot hold it down, it is best to have someone at the front end, so as to ensure that the wood planing is smooth. The flashlight planer is generally used for roughing, and is used in conjunction with the belt machine.