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What factors affect the service life of steel radiators?

Time:2021-09-03 10:56:12

Steel radiator is a hot-selling product among heating products now, but for such a mid-range hot-selling heating product, its service life has attracted people's attention. Then, the service life of steel radiator is related to what factors ? Let's take a look at it together.

1. Material: The steel radiator made of low-carbon cold-rolled steel bright tube is used for the material, and the life span is generally 20-30 years.

2. Anti-corrosion: The internal anti-corrosion layer of steel radiator is to protect the air and water from impurities and corrosion inside the steel radiator. Therefore, the internal anti-corrosion layer of the steel radiator is very important. The anti-corrosion layer of the steel radiator is made of three layers, which can not only effectively prevent the impurities in the water from corroding the internal corrosion of the steel radiator, but also prevent the anti-corrosion layer of the steel radiator from not being filled during production.

3. Welding: The steel radiator is a combined radiator, all parts are connected and erected by welding, so there are many welding points, so you must pay attention to the welding rod. Nowadays, there are powerful manufacturers on the welding rod. They all choose copper-clad electrodes for welding because they not only have a good melting point, but also the electrode solution contains less impurities.

4. Plastic spraying: the appearance of steel radiator is directly facing, where air corrosion and environmental corrosion are located, so it is very important to spray plastic on its appearance for anti-corrosion. Now steel radiator manufacturers use plastic spraying Plastic powder spraying, plastic spraying technology, and spray guns are all different, but the effect of the steel radiator is the same. It is bright and feels like a porcelain.

5. Maintenance: The steel radiator is different from other materials. In the maintenance, the steel radiator must be kept up. The steel radiator is out of the heating and completes the water maintenance. There is also a regular maintenance of the steel radiator in different seasons. The radiator performs exterior cleaning and component maintenance.