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Do I have to install heating after installing the air conditioner?

Time:2021-09-03 10:54:49

Summer is also the peak time for new houses to be renovated. Many owners may not consider installing radiators at all because of the season. Only when they are used in winter will they think of why they did not install radiators at that time. Speaking of heating equipment, many people will have doubts. Air conditioning is already installed in the home, and the air conditioning can also provide heat, so you don’t need to install a radiator. It feels a bit redundant after the heating is installed.


Air-conditioning is forced convection, heating is radiation + convection, and radiation is the most comfortable way of heat exchange for people. If you don’t stand near the air-conditioning blower, the difference is not big, while air-conditioning heating is essentially an electric heater. , It is not suitable for frequent use, one is a waste of electricity bills, and the other is the low heating efficiency of the air conditioner.

The radiator uses a wall-hung boiler or boiler to heat the circulating water, and then is connected to the radiator through pipes. Finally, the appropriate temperature is output through the radiator to form an indoor temperature difference. Finally, a thermal cycle is performed to make the entire indoor temperature rise evenly.


Heating effect comparison


The air conditioner transfers heat by blowing hot air through the air outlet, and the heating speed is fast, but the heating effect is poor, and it is greatly affected by the external environment. When the temperature is -5℃ and below, the heating effect of air conditioning will be greatly reduced, or even no effect.

The radiator uses radiation + convection to dissipate heat. The heating speed is faster and the heating effect is good. Generally, there is a noticeable heat sensation after half an hour, which is suitable for working young people living alone.


The advantages of radiators in heating are obvious, but there is no substitute for air-conditioning and refrigeration at present. Therefore, after having central air-conditioning, floor heating can also be installed. The two complement each other to ensure a family's warm in winter and cool in summer!